Meet The Creators: Raising Entrepreneurial Children

Meet The Creators: Raising Entrepreneurial Children

Rachel and I have a golden rule - never pass a lemonade stand without buying something. So when our kids started showing interest in making their own money, we felt like it was our responsibility to help them. Over the past few years, we have taught Connor & Ava the value in working for yourself. Sure, if we ask the kids "what's your profit?" after they make a sale, our question is met with varying degrees of understanding but the entrepreneurial attitude will serve them well in life, no matter what career path they take.

When you're raising entrepreneurial children like ours, you don't have to ask twice when it pertains to something related to the business. This week, I thought it would be fun to sit the kids down and ask them a few questions about the candle business and what they have learned so far about entrepreneurs . I hope you enjoy getting to know our youngsters a little better :)

1. If you could open a business down the road, what would it be and why do you think it would be successful?

Ava - I would open a trampoline park. Kids like to jump on trampolines and my business would have A/C & ice cream so we wouldn't get sweaty.

Connor - I would open a swimming pool. Lots of people like going swimming in the summer when it hot and Norborne doesn't have a pool.

2. What have you learned so far helping with the candle company?

Ava - I've learned how to make candles and how to make money.

Connor - I've learned how to set up the tent and tables at craft fairs and how hard it can be.

3. What do you like/dislike about helping with the candle company?

Ava - I like smelling the candles. I don't like waking up early to go to craft fairs.

Connor - I like bagging candles when people buy from us. I don't like getting out in the heat.

4. What is your favorite candle scent? Why?

Ava - Watermelon Lemonade. Because it smells like watermelon lemonade and I love lemonade! 

Connor - Monkey Farts. Because it smells like banana taffy taffy and that is one of my favorite candies.

5. If you could create any candle scent you wanted, what would it be? Why?

Ava - Macaroni & Cheese because everyone loves mac & cheese!

Connor - Taco's because it's one of my favorite foods and taco's make everyone happy.