Ask A Small Business Owner: Why Soy?

Ask A Small Business Owner: Why Soy?

Welcome to my very first edition of Ask A Small Business Owner. Small business talk is my passion. I could spend an entire day chatting back and forth about things I've learned since launching Diedrich Candle Co. Things that have worked, and those that didn't. Sourcing techniques. Wholesale success and failures. The list goes on and on. For todays discussion, I want to focus on our hero ingredient, soy wax and why we chose this type of wax for our candles. If you have any follow up questions please feel free to contact us anytime at 

Q: What exactly is soy wax?

For those of you who don't already know - our candles are hand poured in Norborne, MO the soybean capitol of the world! Soybeans are one of the major agriculture crops grown in the United States, behind only corn. After the beans are harvested, they are cleaned, cracked and de-hulled and rolled into flakes. Soy bean wax is 100% wax derived from the soybeans. 

Q: What makes soy wax better than other types of wax?

Rachel and I attend a lot of craft fairs and this is a question that we get asked a lot. The truth is, until we did our research on candle wax types when forming this business, we had no idea ourselves how much better soy is than the other options on the market. So here is what it really boils down to - because soy wax is 100% derived from vegetable soybeans it is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Aside from these "green" advantages soy wax burns slower than most other wax alternatives. Meaning you get a candle that lasts LONGER! 

Oh and are you familiar with that nasty black soot that a lot of candles get after burning? Well soy burns clean meaning that there is less soot buildup on the container during the life of the burn. Also, I'd like to add that soy is an excellent fragrance carrier meaning your candles have a well balanced true to scent candle that doesn't require chemical amplifiers. So while there are cheaper wax options, we went with soy because we firmly believe that soy generates the best finished product and we are only focused on supplying the best to you.


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